Please check my Contact page.

How do you pronounce your name?
Fran-CHESS-kuh ZAP-pee-uh 

I'm going a report/article/etc. on you and need some information! Where can I find it?
Google, probably! There's info in my Amazon and Goodreads author profiles, but I've also done interviews that have some information in them. Here are some general facts you can also use:

- I have a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics
- I'm 6'1"
- My favorite genre is science fantasy
- Peppers are disgusting
- Stegosaurus is the best kind of dinosaur

Will you ever write sequels to Made You Up or Eliza and Her Monsters?
If I write anything related to Made You Up, it won’t be a sequel, it’ll be some weird AU where Alex and Miles are anachronistic Wild West vigilantes or steampunk mech pilots or something else where I can dress them up in ridiculous costumes and throw them into fantasy worlds.

Eliza and Her Monsters is a long and drawn-out mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyybe. That kid Sully still has some issues he could work out.

Will you ever write/publish Monstrous Sea?

For me to get Monstrous Sea published, I have to show publishers that there’s demand for it. That’s why I made the Monstrous Sea teaser on Wattpad—it’s an easy way for me to keep track of who’s interested. But there are other ways to show support, too! Talk about it to your friends and family, post about it online, spread the word and keep the buzz up.

If you’d like to see Monstrous Sea as a real book, please consider checking out, favoriting, and commenting on the teaser on Wattpad and continue asking for the story! 

Will you ever publish the Children of Hypnos as a physical book?

Same answer as above—it’s kind of up to demand.

Are you going to write more of the Children of Hypnos?

Planning on it! Just have to find the time.

Are you writing more books?


Can you tell us what they are?


  1. I wish I could meet you in person and become best friends with you and then tell you of all the stories inside my head that I never find the time to write down...I love your book (eliza and her monsters) I started it at 7pm today and finished at 11pm TO-DAY!